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Inclusion, openness and acceptance.

No one will every be turned away for their abilities, colour, religion, orientation or beliefs. Everyone is welcome as long as they are friendly and kind. Creeps ogling naked bodies or rude ogres causing drama don't even make it through the front door, which is why The Jolly Sketcher community is so awesome!

Founded in London, UK in 2017, The Jolly Sketcher started as a small local life drawing group that first expanded to three weekly classes in the neighbourhood and then went global at the start of the COVID pandemic.

Online classes started in March 2020 and connected the excising Jolly Sketcher community to new members and models across the world.

The Jolly Sketcher life drawing sessions are known for fun, friendly and inclusive classes where everyone is welcome. Sessions are guided verbally or on screen to help you with your drawing practice.

Featured models are fantastic at what they do and are known for excellent poses, lighting and set up. Newbie models making their debut are guided before class to ensure all runs smoothly.

In The Jolly Sketcher Community we bring together our awesome artist members from all over to allow them to easily connect with each other and our models without the distraction of social media, ads or having to follow all of someone's content.



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